Are you or someone you know contemplating choosing dentures as your dental treatment?  As we all know, especially with today's advanced technology, that there are several options to choose from.  However, knowing the different techniques, advantages and disadvantages of each, what all components are involved in each dental choice and ultimately which will be the right choice for you, is a key factor in what dental treatment you decide on.  Communication between patient and Dentist is the most critical part in deciding which dental treatment will be best for the patient in the long run. Each and every patient is special and unique in their own way and this is why a complete dental consultation will help in developing trust, essential information and facts before proceeding with your dental treatment.  In this video, we will be discussing the major difference between an Overdenture versus a Conventional Denture, what the pros and cons are of both, the advantages and disadvantages of both and also which will have the best results long term and why.